Tim Drake Was Never Robin? And More Reasons Why Scott Lobdell Angers Me.

So ComicBookResources.com released this article today which covered the DC Comics Young Justice panel at San Diego Comic Con.  Scott Lobdell, writer of Teen Titans and Superboy (among others)  had a bit to say about what he’s planning on doing with said books.  Unfortunately what he said made me so…I was just…I mean…I’m ready to…AHHHH!!!!   Continue reading


Spoiler Spoiled!

Okay, so I know it’s fake, but when I first read this article from bleedingcool.com about bringing back the character of The Spoiler I couldn’t help but think that it really wouldn’t be worth it if it was true.  Don’t get wrong, I’m a big fan of Stephanie Brown.  It’s just that I think it would be a slap in the face not only to the fans (all 100 of us) but to Ms. Brown to bring her back sans her experience of being Batgirl. Continue reading