The World Has Been Avenged. When Will We See Justice?

First off, I’m not interested in writing a review for Marvel’s The Avengers.  Mainly because the internet is already flooded with various reviews and articles on how The Avengers beat the bad guys and obliterated box office records.  It’s obvious that the world loves The Avengers (myself included) except for apparently 7% of the critics out there according to Rotten Tomatoes.  What I am interested in writing about is how DC and Warner Bros. absolutely NEED to follow Marvel’s lead (no matter how much it may pain them) and create a series of their own super hero movies that lead to a Justice League film.  Continue reading


Making a Good Superman Trilogy

Man of Steel needs to be big.  It needs to clean the slate of previous film follies and wow audiences.  Essentially it needs to do the opposite of what Superman Returns did, which, in case you missed it, turned Superman into an absentee father.  Good job Warner Brothers.  Anyway, here are just a few ideas of what I think the studio can do to make Superman the film franchise it can be.  Continue reading