Why You Should Read…Batman: Earth One

So I’ve just finished reading Batman: Earth One.  And after some “ooh’s,” a few “ahh’s”  and more than one uncontrollable fit of maniacal laughter I absolutely had to post some reasons why everyone, especially YOU should read this book.

Sometimes it’s okay to judge a book by its cover.

A Fresh Start

First off, as the title of the book implies, this book takes place on Earth One which is outside of the main continuity or “Universe” of DC Comics whereas (presumably) most of what is taking place in the New 52 books is occurring on Earth Zero.  What this means for you is that you don’t have to have read anything prior to this to be able to enjoy it.  Earth One is a brand spanking new Universe where DC’s characters are being completely reintroduced and reinvented for the 21st century.  (Superman: Earth One came out a few years back and introduced this universe to readers however it doesn’t tie into Batman: Earth One at all so if you haven’t read it then don’t worry.)  Whether you’re a fan of The Dark Knight movies who has never read a comic and are looking to start reading or are a long time Batman fan looking for a new spin on the classic character, this book is for you.

Bruce’s bat fetish is maintained for obvious reasons.

A Very Different Yet Familiar World

So, unless you live under a rock, you are probably familiar with the basics of Batman.  If not, you are doing it wrong.  And by “it” I mean your life.  Soooo…you should fix that by reading this book.  See?  I’m not only a blogger, I’m a salesman too.  All joking aside, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank take many of the familiar trappings that go along with the Batman mythos and tweak them in such a way that makes this a Batman that is brand new yet still completely recognizable.  The best part of this is that Batman isn’t the only character to get this treatment.  Alfred is made into a complete bad-ass and the relationship between him and Bruce is redone is such a way that, in my opinion, makes much more sense than it ever has and is even more meaningful than in any previous incarnation.  Jim Gordon gets a terrific reintroduction as well to the extent that at one point I actually gasped to see how this version of Jim reacts to the criminals of Gotham.  We also get very fresh takes on Harvey Bullock, Lucius Fox and some fan favorite Bat-villains as well, among others.  Last, but not least, the city of Gotham itself gets a very interesting reintroduction that you absolutely must see for yourself.

Meet the new Alfred, he’s not just a butler anymore.

This Batman Sucks

Wait…what?  Maybe I should rephrase that.  This a brand new Batman in more ways than one since he’s just starting out.  Much like in Batman Begins or Batman: Year One, this is a Batman who is new to the streets, or in this case, roofs of Gotham.  We get to see a young and inexperienced Batman who gets his ass kicked on more than one occasion.  On top of that his gadgets don’t work, his Batmobile is just a regular mobile…mobile, and he doesn’t even have a cave.  All of this amounts to a very human portrayal of the Dark Knight.  It’s unbelievably fun to get the chance to read a Batman who isn’t always a super bad-ass because it makes those moments of bad-assery that much more bad-ass.  Have I overused the term bad-ass yet?  No?  Okay, then.  Bad-ass!  In all seriousness, Batman: Earth One gives us the chance to start over with Bruce Wayne and watch as he progresses from an inexperienced hero to an unstoppable legend!

I am vengeance, I am the night, I…AM…still pretty new at this.


3 thoughts on “Why You Should Read…Batman: Earth One

  1. This is so true. I didn’t really know what to expect when I jumped into this one. However, I am really happy that I did. The book crippled me with laughter when he jumped into the Bat LeBaron or whatever that was. Surprising.

  2. So Johns finally got to write Batman the way he wanted to huh? I find his takes on Batman… interesting, to say the least. His take on Batman during Infinite Crisis (which might not have even happened according to the New 52 rules… LAME) was pretty cool. I’m probably top 5 in biggest Batman fans of all time, but seeing Bruce get pushed to the point where he pointed a gun at someones face was a classic seen. Although his dialogue for Batman then was always cringe worthy (except for this: “The last time you inspired someone is when you were dead.” in yo face Superman!). Then there’s the time when Batman shows his secret identity to the overly sarcastic Hal Jordan (who seems to be doing his best impression of Guy Gardner pre-non-annoying in the pages of ‘Justice League’ in the DCnU). ‘Batman: Earth One’? Not bad. I don’t have much to complain about (it is a separate universe after all). I loved the new take on Alfred and the Wayne’s history. I’m officially hooked in. I just hope they can keep pushing out these ‘Earth One’s’. They’re a stellar departure from some of the non-sense that’s been going on in the New 52 lately. Which brings me to your next post…

    • Well, I’m of the opinion that Earth One should have been the reboot universe (like Marvel’s Ultimate line) and they should have left OUR universe the hell alone.

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