10 DC Properties Warner Bros. Should Focus On Other Than The Metal Men.

So according to the internets, Barry Sonnenfeld is going to helm the film version of The Metal Men.  In case you don’t know, The Metal Men are the creation of Dr. Will Magnus who, thanks to his “responsometers” imbued his creations with various (and often wacky) personalities.  The Metal Men (and Woman) have special abilities derived from the alloys (or ya know…metals) they are made from.  Sooooo Gold can stretch super far, Lead can stop harmful radiation, and so on and so forth.  Here’s the wiki if you care to know the rest.  The bottom line is they are a crazy bunch of super robots and are a lot of fun to read.  When they actually have a comic book that is.

You see, the Metal Men began in 1962 in issue #37 of Showcase which garnered their own title named…wait for it…The Metal Men.  That book started in 1963 and was published until 1970 but was then brought back in 1976 to be canceled yet again in 1978.  It ran for a total of 56 issues (even though three of those issues were reprints but who’s counting…oh right, that would be me then).  It was then brought back as a 4 part mini-series from 1993 to 1994 and then again as an 8 part mini-series in 2007 and 2008.  During this time they were also featured in a handful of other DC books as well.  So basically, the last time The Metal Men had their own book was in 1978 and since then they have only been able to support two mini-series.

What? We’re relevant…Right?

Mini-series in comics are often looked upon as back-door pilots of sorts and if either of those mini-series had been a breakout hit they, most likely, would have been given another full fledged series.  Unfortunately, it seems to me that The Metal Men is just one of those properties that can’t support their own book for very long.  This is not a slight to the characters in any way really, it’s just the way it is.  Some properties are stars and others are supporting characters.  That’s not to say that these, or any other, supporting characters don’t deserve a film to be made of them eventually of course, but not a time when Warner Bros. and DC Comics needs a win or rather 1,436,200,000 wins.

I really do love The Metal Men and I have no problem with the idea of a Metal Men movie in general.  It’s just that right now, at at time when one of Marvel’s most popular comic book properties just made a hundred bajillion dollars in the box office you’d think that Warner Brothers would want to concentrate on DC’s more popular characters.  Not that that particular tactic works every time either…*cough* Green Lantern *cough* Superman Returns *vomit*…I mean *cough* again.  Getting back to the point, I think that it would be logical to try to adapt comic book properties that currently have a book with a successful following to at least increase the chances of its success as a film.

You mean us?

So with that line of reasoning I just made up, here is a list of 10 other DC film properties I think Warner Bros. should focus on instead of The Metal Men based on how many issues their corresponding comics have had (which is generally a good sign of their popularity and renown).  I’m going from lowest issues to highest for suspense.

CAN YOU FEEL THE SUSPENSE?!?  Oh, well…here’s the list anyway!

10. Martian Manhunter

Over 50 Issues since 1950.  Currently featured in a publication.

9. Superman/Batman

Over 80 Issues since 2003.  Currently featured in a publication.

8. Hawkman

 Over 170 Issues since 1964.  Currently in publication.

7. Aquaman

          Over 240 Issues since 1962.  Currently in publication.

6. Captain Marvel

     Over 270 Issues since 1941.  Currently featured in a publication.

5. Teen Titans

Over 440 Issues since 1966.  Currently in publication.

4. Green Lantern 2: Sinestro’s Boogaloo (still a working title)

Over 620 Issues since 1940.  Currently in publication.

3. Wonder Woman

Over 630 Issues since 1942.  Currently in publication.

2. The Flash

Over 680 Issues since 1940.  Currently in publication.

1. Justice League

Over 700 Issues since 1960.  Currently in publication.

Source: The DC Comics Database

So, you know, math and stuff.  I mean, we are dealing with a business here so it makes sense to me that they are paying attention to numbers and figures from SOMEWHERE.  Now, I understand that some of these characters haven’t had many issues on their own which is why I said a characters popularity is generally indicative of how many issues they have had.  But for some characters Martian Manhunter, we have to look a bit deeper.  Even though he’s had very few issues on his own he’s also starred in the Justice League.  I know this technically makes him a supporting character and I’ve stated earlier that Warner Bros. shouldn’t focus on them at this time BUT in this case we should also recognize that Martian Manhunter is widely recognized as a founding member of the Justice League and has starred in nearly EVERY incarnation of the League.  This increases his number of appearances by, I dunno….a bunch.  To me, this makes him less a supporting character and more a member of the most high profile team in all of DC Comics.  The same thing can be said of characters like Hawkman and Aquaman who have also starred in Justice League numerous times.  All three of these characters have also been featured fairly recently in the Smallville television show.  These characters may not be A-listers but, hey, neither was Iron Man up until his films became a smash hit.  And like the DC characters I just mentioned, Iron Man may not have had the largest solo following but he was still on Marvel’s most high profile team at the time of his movies release.

For all I know, a movie based on The Metal Men could be just as successful as any other blockbuster super hero movie.  I just don’t see why Warner Bros. would want to take the risk of making a movie out of a property that the majority of general audiences, let alone avid comic book readers, barely even know.  DC Comics has a bevy of superhero properties that are much more well known than The Metal Men and Warner Bros. needs to focus on them instead for the time being.  Most of the characters on this list are or were members of the Justice League at one point or another which brings me back to a point I’ve already made before, Warner Bros. needs to start building towards a Justice League film.  Is it really so complicated Warner Bros?  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

So, what do YOU guys think?  Is my list garbage?  Do you have a list of your own?  Let me know!


3 thoughts on “10 DC Properties Warner Bros. Should Focus On Other Than The Metal Men.

  1. Minus Hawkman I dig your list. If WB wasn’t so scared to take risks (that make sense) I’d go as far to say that a Martian Manhunter film based on his Gotham roots is feasible.

    Batman is already the go to DC character, why not have him be a linked to a few of the other DC characters? This notion that Batman needs to be centered in the ‘real world’ is ridiculous. We’ve seen Batman in his world. Let’s see him interact with others.

    Speaking of which, let’s be honest, a Superman/Batman film would PROBABLY crush the Avengers in the box office. Not saying it’s a competition, I’m just saying that Batman and Superman are THE MOST popular comic book characters on the planet by themselves. Imagine if they teamed up on screen. I’d actually wanna see this before a Justice League film (in fact I’m saying it NEEDS to happen before that film). One already hit a billion on his own (‘The Dark Knight’), and who can forget the ridiculous buzz centered around that brief billboard appearance of the Batman and Superman symbol during ‘I am Legend’? A. Billboard. Symbol. Yeah, their THAT famous. Two pop culture icons WB/DC! Let’s get this done already!

    If we’re comparing the rest to the Metal Men then that’s an obvious no-brainer. If I see a Metal Men movie before a Wonder Woman or Aquaman movie (yes he’s THAT important), I’m gonna have to pay WB a visit. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

    Matter a fact, forget what I said about Hawkman. If he doesn’t get a movie before Metal Men… Haha.

    For everyone missing Harry Potter I think a Cap Marvel film would be cool (still sketchy on the New 52 Billy Batson though).

    If WB is looking for an obscure property to adapt, look no further than Challengers of the Unknown. They’re basically the Fantastic Four before the Fantastic Four were the Fantastic Four… Minus the powers.

    I think WB needs to hire a Kevin Fiege. QUICK!

    I know you’re a Goeff Johns fan, but he’s not the end all of comic bookdem. He’s got cool ideas, but his scripts leave MUCH to be desired (lately). And his fingerprints can be found all over the corpse (no pun intended) that is ‘Green Lantern’ [on film]… and we see what happened there (or maybe not, which explains the low box office).

    The good news is, WB got their balls back and are developing:

    Wonder Woman, Lobo, a Green Lantern sequel (possibly), Man of Steel, ideas for another Batman film, and last but not least, JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!

    DC isn’t out of the race yet…

    • That’s basically what I’m saying in regards to there being a Metal Men movie before anything else on the list I put out. Plus, those are just the names I could think of off the top of my head. There are plenty of others characters and teams that DESERVE to be made into a film before the Metal Men. It’s really simple as far as I’m concerned: The popular kids should get to go first. That’s it. As far as Johns is concerned I know he’s been slipping for the past few years, but I still think he’s got it in him to do amazing stuff and in the position that he’s in at DC it’s pretty automatic that he’d be involved with these films anyway. And in all fairness he was just a co-producer on the GL movie so we don’t know for sure what his input was overall, but I’m definitely disappointed it wasn’t better than it was since he was involved with it. I mean, he wrote a much better movie with his Secret Origin arc in the GL book. The fist fight between Hal and John was all I was asking for in the movie and it didn’t happen. Adding in that ONE scene would have made that movie so much better for me. As for other people who could be involved with these movies though I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned Bruce Timm yet. He’s been running the animated features pretty much since day one and he’d be an invaluable source for the big screen adaptations. Maybe that’s what my next post will be about. LOL

      • Exactly. Surprised I didn’t mention it myself because I’ve always thought Bruce Timm could be WB/DC’s go to guy for adapting the DCU on film. Good idea for the next post.

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