Are DC and Marvel bringing back the Amalgam Universe?

Probably not.  But is this week’s issue of Justice League International just a coincidence or a fun homage to a time when DC and Marvel had a friendly rivalry?  As opposed to today where they have more of an “I’ll cut your heart out with a dull spoon” kind of rivalry.  Why a dull spoon, you ask?  Why not an ax?  Because it’s dull you twit.  It’ll hurt more.

And if you get that reference you have greatly earned my respect.

Anyway, back to business.  The JLI is dealing with multiple heaps of trouble when O.M.A.C. shows up out of nowhere and attacks.  As is conveniently illustrated on this month’s cover.

After Guy Gardener gets smacked around a few times he decides to take it the next level with this oddly familiar looking armor.

Is it just me or does that look an awful lot like Iron Man?  Here is another look of Iron M—or is it Green Lan—um…Iron Lantern!

Thwack!  I mean WHUDT.  Whatever that means.  So there you have it.  A Green Lantern with an Iron Man suit.  Now where have I seen this before?  Oh yeah.

Who the heck is Iron Lantern you may be asking yourself?  (And if you aren’t then you probably wont be interested in the rest of this article and things have suddenly have become a bit awkward.)  At any rate, in the late 90’s DC and Marvel comics decided it would be fun to merge their two universes into one creating Amalgam Comics.  And it was fun!  If not a little bit wacky.  Basically, the DC and Marvel universes were pitted against each other by a couple of cosmic big shots (Don’t ask.  Ok, I’ll tell you.  The big shots were the physical incarnations of the DC and Marvel universes and were referred to as “The Brothers”.  I told you not to ask).  Anyway, they somehow spent eons not even knowing about each other and once they did they decided that there was only room for one universe to exist.  So, like any brothers would, they decided it would be best have a fight to the death.  Once the heroes got wind of this, however, they decided it would be better if they fought for their respective universes instead.  So, you know, Captain America vs. Batman, Aquaman vs. Namor, and J. Jonah Jameson vs. Perry White.  Ok, so that last one was never actually shown on panel but I can only assume that SOMETHING went down between those two.   After the fighting was over neither universe was ready to give up its existence.  So a compromise was made.  Can you guess what it was?  I’ll bet you can!  That’s right, the Marvel and DC universes were combined to create the Amalgam Universe.

Out of this combination (if only there were a better word for that) we got some pretty cool characters and here are some of my favorites!

Yeah, that’s Darkclaw.  A combo of Batman and Wolverine (as if you hadn’t already guessed).  If you thought that Wolverine and Batman were intimidating before, criminals were too busy emptying their bowels to even fight this guy.  They even did a comic based on the Darkclaw animated series!

 Not that there ever was an animated series of course except in the “world” where Amalgam Comics was published.  More on that later.  Next up we have:

Want to guess who this hero is a combination of?  If you guessed Wonder Woman and Professor X then…there is something severely wrong with you.  But if you guessed Superboy and Spider-man then you win a prize!  Also, there is no prize.  Also, also, I love his web gun!  But I digress.  Next up we have an ensemble cast of mash-up heroes.

This is the JLX.  That’s right, the Justice League of…X-men…I guess.  Let’s just pretend that makes sense and move right along.  Some of the characters featured here are Aqua-mariner (Namor and Aquaman), Nightcreeper (The Creeper and Nightcrawler), and Mercury (Impulse and Quicksilver).  You may notice on the cover that it reads “In their own book—At last!”  That is because DC and Marvel really pushed the whole idea of Amalgam Comics to the point that they treated these characters as if they existed since the Golden Age of comics.  Within the pages of these comics were editors notes referencing books that never really existed and letters pages featuring made up fans discussing these books essentially creating a fictional history for these books and characters.  They even went so far as to merge various Marvel and DC events such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Secret Wars, Infinity Gauntlet, and Zero Hour to create Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour!  A miniseries that never actually existed but is referenced within the pages of Amalgam Comics to have actually occurred.  However, DC and Marvel did create some nifty trading cards to honor the fictional event!

Here we have Super Soldier, a put-together-ization of Captain America and Superman.  (I still cant think of a good word for that.) Do you recognize his shield on the floor?  This is an homage to one of the most famous covers in the history of comics.  I’ll let you guess which one.  Eventually, all of the fun had to come to an end.  The Brothers were eventually convinced that both universes could coexist separately and the mother of all combo breakers restored the DC and Marvel universes to their rightful states.

And that is pretty much that.  Or at least as much as I’m currently willing to go into.  If you’d like to know more you can check out these great online resources!  Which were coincidentally MY online resources for this article!  Or, you know, you could Google it.  Whatever floats your boat.

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2 thoughts on “Are DC and Marvel bringing back the Amalgam Universe?

  1. In some ways DC and Marvel still have a good relationship. I’m always amazed when I watch bonus material on DC animated movies and they show a history of a particular writer’s work. DC will mention Marvel and even get permission to show covers and panels from Marvel comics. Other big companies don’t always do that unless it’s negative.

    • That is true and things are certainly more cordial now than they were a few years ago. The last (and possibly greatest) marvel dc teamup was JLA/Avengers and even the companies created that together it still took years for the collected edition to come out. There was definitely some bad blood between the companies for a while but I think that newer blood has cooled the waters somewhat. Also, I really wanted to use the dull spoon reference! LOL.

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