Justice League Assemble?

Just a thought about the eventual Justice League movie that DC and WB keep assuring us will happen. First of all, let’s face facts.  Marvel won.  They beat DC to the punch and brilliantly created the Marvel Universe (or parts of it anyway) on the big screen.  Through a series of 5 films they were able to introduce us to characters and concepts that would eventually lead to the big screen version of The Avengers.  This was no accident.  This was perfectly planned if not always perfectly done (sorry Hulk).

Sweet poster gang.

DC/WB on the other hand has a tougher go at things.  Even though their Batman franchise is probably the best thing that has ever happened in the history of stuff they have not had the best of luck with any of their other DCU franchises.  I mean, like, not even one.  Superman Returns?  I’m sorry he did. Jonah Hex?  He certainly lived up to his name.  Green Lantern?  Well…I can’t think of anything clever so I’ll just say that it also bombed.  DC is still moving forward with a sequel to Green Lantern promising us that it will be better.  I certainly hope so and I’m confident it will be so long as Mark Strong reprises his role as Sinestro.  DC/WB is also releasing the Superman reboot they should have done in the first place next year in the form of Man of Steel.  This time around DC/WB has decided to remove Superman’s red underwear (What?  They totally did.) to go along with Big Blue’s new look in the comics.  I’m excited for this film and hope it’s a hit.  But I also hope they take this opportunity to do some big screen world building.

I assure you, this guy is free-balling it.

Chris Nolan is well known for stating that his Batman trilogy is completely separate from the rest of the DCU.  I’m okay with this because I have all the confidence in the world in this guy and the proof is in the bat-pudding.  His Bat franchise is amazing and should be left alone.  The Batman that we will see in the Justice League movie will be tailor-made for that film and essentially will be reinvented.  I would be skeptical about this but I’m relieved to know that Chris Nolan will be involved in this reinvention.  He is also producing Man of Steel.  This is very good news in my opinion and means that the character is in capable hands.  However, I’m hoping this also means something else.  With Nolan involved in both Batman and Superman this may mean that they will use Man of Steel as the genesis of the DCU on the big screen and that Nolan may be involved with a Justice League film as well.

Starting with Man of Steel and Green Lantern 2: Sinestro’s Boogaloo (Working Title), DC/WB needs to start building a path towards Justice League.  I really hope that these films have some kind of connection to each other much like the Marvel films did that led to The Avengers.  The same rule should apply to any other DCU adaptations that precede the Justice League film.  With that said, if a Justice League flick is around the corner then it seems that DC/WB may not have enough time to do origin movies for every character that will be featured in the JL movie.  Instead, the Justice League film has the potential to introduce movie-going audiences to brand new characters never before seen on the big screen.  If done right this could be a kind of back door pilot of sorts that leads to a satellite-load of new DCU film franchises.

The article I linked to above also mentions that films featuring Wonder Woman and The Flash are also supposedly in works.  Now, we’ve heard this a hundred times before with these characters and nothing has come of it.  They even tried to bring back Wonder Woman as a TV show but it was canceled before it even aired.  That’s really got to sting and is absolutely ridiculous considering that this is a character that was a success on television in the past and has been a comic book icon for generations.  Wonder Woman is a must for a Justice League film but if DC/WB doesn’t want to wait for her own origin movie then I say don’t worry about.  Go ahead with your Justice League film and use that to introduce audiences to the amazing Amazon.  Make her mysterious.  Make her a character that audiences wonder about (pun partially intended).  Make her a character that audiences WANT to see a feature film about just so they can find out who the hell she is how she got to be so bad ass in the first place.  Her post Justice League solo film could be an origin story taking place before the events of the JL movie or they could be more creative and make a film that takes place after Justice League but could still include her origin somehow.  The same technique could be used for characters like The Flash or any other character they may choose to feature in the Justice League film.

Kind of like this, but you know, with a budget.

It’s time for a Justice League film.  Fans have waited long enough to see the Worlds Greatest Heroes on the big screen.  And with the (hopefully) successful Avengers movie hitting theatres this summer audiences will be clamoring for even more super team-ups on the big screen.  Now, more than ever, we need the Justice League.

What the hell are you? I’m a successful film franchise.

So what do you guys think?  How do you think DC/WB should play this?  Which characters do you think are essential for a Justice League movie?  Leave some comments and let’s discuss!


6 thoughts on “Justice League Assemble?

  1. A Justice League movie has to have the trinity – Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman. The Flash, a Green Lantern, and Aquaman are also essential in my opinion. Aquaman is still trying to combat a the general perception that he’s lame, but his water-based powers are unique and offer some cool moments in an action sequence – plus he goes back a long way.

    Although I like Martian Manhunter, I’m not convinced he’s iconic enough for the general public; however, his power set would make for some dazzling special effects. DC has been promoting Cyborg in recent years, but he just doesn’t have the history of the other seven. I like the character, however.

    • I agree with your lineup entirely. Although I’d imagine that DC/WB would probably go ahead and stick with the Hal Jordan GL since he has already been introduced to audiences (albeit a small one). As for Aquaman, I also agree that he’d make for a great on screen presence if used properly and if they show him as the bad ass he is then hopefully that would convince audiences that he isnt just some guy that talks to fish. As for the seventh member I think it should probably be Cyborg. Not only would that diversify the team but they could also take the opportunity to play off of Iron Mans current popularity and make Cyborg the JL’s tech hero. Plus, even though he doesnt have a history as long as the other heroes mentioned he still has been around for decades and is currently a member of the JL in the comics.

  2. I think a good “Worlds Finest” film about Superman/Batman that introduces more of the DCU can be a Marvel-like start to the JL film. Instead focusing on the heroes “assembling” behind the scenes, the focus can be on the villains uniting a la The Light in “Young Justice” (the animated series). It’s obvious that The Light are getting some form of assistance from Darkseid on Apocalypse. WB/DC can reinvent Batman in that film showcase Wonder Woman in her own film and since people already know about Green Lantern, they can just introduce Flash, Aquaman, and J’onn in the actual JL film vs Darkseid and his minions. Or if not I got this great script idea with the White Martians 😛

    • A Worlds Finest movie would definitely work and could lead beautifully to a Justice League flick along side a Wonder Woman feature. Superman/Batman has been teased for far too long. Do you remember the fake movie poster from I Am Legend? That was almost too much for my geekly brain to take in. If only the studio would finally make this a reality! How could it fail? It’s THE most famous super heroes on the planet teaming up to kick some ass! You could have Supes/Bats and Wondy all fighting different villains in their two films that actually end up being a much larger threat that can only be defeated by forming the JLA!!! Come on DC, it really is that simple. I would ideally love to see a Flash feature also because there is SO much you can get into with the character like the Speed Force and time travel stuff too. A time traveling super hasnt been seen on the big screen yet and I think Flash would work great in that capacity. Imagine if he becomes the Flash and then gets flung into a dystopian future and he learns that the world has gone to shit because he became the Flash! But then of course it was REALLY because of an arch nemesis of his or something and then Flash has to stop him with his super speed skills. This shit writes itself! LOL. But I also agree that Flash, Aquaman and J’onn could work well if they were simply introduced in the JL movie. THEN, if popular enough they could get spin off movies. LETS GET MOVING DC!!!

      • I know I’m late on this but that Flash time travel idea made me think of when he went ahead into the future and it was a mess in Final Crisis. What if he went into the future and saw this dark force has thrashed the world and that’s one of the things that makes him wanna join with the best of the best to stop a possible future like that. Picture this: the audience sees this future and catches glimpses of other DC characters sprawled out on the ground. Then you see the back of that dark entity and he/she turns around to face the camera and all we see are glowing eyes… and BOOM! Wally or Barry wakes up in a cold sweat knowing he had been to the future earlier in the film and that’s the crap he remembers.

      • I like that, but if they really wanted to go balls out they would do that in the beginning of the film. Give audiences a real WTF moment to kick things off!

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